For over 65 years …

With an entrepreneurial history started in 1952, FERRI NARDI was inspired by the great development of the con- struction industry in Italy.




Ferri Nardi has focused since the beginning on the restoration of buildings with an architectural and artistic value.


FERRI NARDI stands out for the ability to offer higher constructive features at competitive prices. The company pays great attention to the client needs, who is supported step by step.


FERRI NARDI’s work also focuses on the renovation of existing buildings and the building recovery.The company developed a special expertise regarding energy redevelopment.


Ferri Nardi’s goal is to reduce the energy comsumption of the buildings and generate significant savings on energy costs.


In a constantly evolving market, it is essential to predict the future changes, the new trends, the market features and the technology’s changes.

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CASTEL GABBIANO. AFFARE!!!!!!!!! Ideale anche per investimento. NUOVO TRE LOCALI

Treviglio, zona residenziale, 3 LOCALI, classe A. Prezzo veramente competitivo. Per info 0363.381777